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Who We Are

A team of entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of accumulated experience of living and doing business in Asia, including manufacturing, trading, retail. We speak English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish. We believe we have everything in place what it takes to deliver and serve the needs of the market of personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our Mission

To be a trusted supplier of a high quality medical gear and meet our customer’s needs in a timely and reliable way. We believe that supply of medical equipment is more than just trading, but it is an important opportunity to help a lot of people to stay safe and protected.

Our Values

After COVID-19 the world will never be the same. We understand the importance of safety measures for every individual, be it in a medical facility, in a retail outlet or simply outside your house. And to have a reliable partner who can provide the best quality and deliver fast and without fail is crucial today.

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Our Network

We maintain valuable partnerships with PPE producers who have access to the raw materials which is essential for our business. Our production facilities are based in multiple Asian markets, including but not limited to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore. Such diversification allows us to meet your needs in terms of the product assortment and quantities. What is more important, we have a person on the site to test the quality and ensure our medical gear meets all European and international standards and requirements. Stay assured that our products have gone through laboratory tests where requited and obtained the necessary certificates.

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How May We Help?

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